Words of Wisdom . . . Thoughts of Hope Kindle Sale! Four Days Only

Wanting to purchase a Kindle version of the book but waiting for a bargain? This is it!  Purchase Words of Wisdom . . . Thoughts of Hope for Kindle today for $0.99!
Sale lasts for four days
September 28 $0.99
September 29 $1.99
September 30 $2.99
September 31 $3.99
October 1 back to full price — $4.99

A little nibble :

Simple Faith

I was about ten years old, maybe nine, when I heard the “angels’ songs.” Alone in our row-house kitchen on a warm summer afternoon, I heard some kind of music through the window. Stepping out on the back door stoop, I looked around to find the source of the music. In the back of my mind I knew they were wind chimes, but there, in the alleyway between the houses, to me the sounds were divine, angels playing music in worship of God. Enraptured by the song of the chimes I stood there for several minutes, singing to God myself and enjoying God’s presence there in my backyard.

Children have an awesome way of recognizing the miraculous and the beautiful in life.  They see with different eyes and hear with different ears—senses that have yet to be tainted by the world’s harshness.  Children simply believe.  . . .


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