Have you wanted to read the Bible through but after a few months kind of lost “steam”?  Join us this September as we experience “Through the Bible in 90 Days,” a video and reading program developed by a layman for anyone wanting to explore God’s Word.  “Developed, field-tested, and used by its creator, Ted Cooper, a Houston businessman, this curriculum has proven successful at many different churches and with a range of denominational affiliations.”

Mr. Cooper, then an agnostic, decided to read the Bible.  He started reading, and halfway through gave his life to Christ.  He developed this program to help others have the same experience.  We will read 12 pages a day starting on Wednesday, September 5th, when we will meet with your choice of times:  12:30 p.m. or 7 p.m., both in Ebenezer Presbyterian’s fellowship hall.

No special items required; just your Bible!  However, if you would like a copy of the participant’s workbook, the Essential Bible Companion, or the Bible in 90 Days Bible (NIV), you can find them at or contact Pastor Glunt, e-mail below or 417-844-0629, as we will be ordering books for those at the church.

Everyone is welcome to join us on this adventure!  Everyone is welcome, and we will be looking for you.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor Glunt.


Whatever the calling, the goal, or the purpose of an individual or an organization, it takes time, dedication, and hard work to reach the “pinnacle,” or at least the next hilltop!

The fledgling congregation of Ebenezer grew slowly, but continued to struggle, and as is the practice with church plantings, the Ozark Presbytery and the national Presbyterian Church continued to supplement this “home mission” work.  For thirty years the church continued on, struggling at times, and yet being faithful to God’s calling and promise.  In fact, in those 30 years, most of the original members had gone “to their reward.”

Finally, the heavens seemed to break open and the church began to grow both in numbers and in offerings.  The original church building had served the small congregation, and the community, well, providing a place of worship for several denominations.  But now, the pastor led the congregation in plans to build a new sanctuary, the one in which we now worship, which was completed and dedicated in 1884.  The following is a quote from a report to the Ozark Presbytery, held in our sanctuary, on April 2, 1884.

“For thirty years past this church has received ‘aid’ from the Board of Home Missions, and during all that time it has had many dark days.  A mere handful of the faithful ‘held the fort,’ most of whom are now gone to their reward.  But during the past two years, a new light has dawned upon us.  We have had no marked revivals, nor many accessions during that time; but there has been, notwithstanding, a deep silent Spirit of devotion and Love to God and his Church . . . .

“To dedicate the new church free from debt, and after receiving from the Board of Home Missions for the last thirty years, we are now able to support a minister half his time.  We have passed the crisis . . . We do not say these things boastingly but with gratitude to God and the Presbyterian Church who have given us the helping hand through her ‘Boards of Missions and Church Extension.’  . . . Surely the Lord who has given us so beautiful a sanctuary will not refuse to add to our number ‘many of such as should be saved’; for the consummation of our hope and desire in this direction, let us ‘pray without ceasing’; for it is worse than Solemn Mockery to Dedicate our beautiful House to the Lord and not rededicate ourselves to his service and to the promotion of His declarative glory.” (emphasis mine)

Today, as I stand in the pulpit of this building, built on the sacrifice of so many and in the midst of a deep awakening of God’s love and grace, I find myself thankful for that same “deep silent Spirit of devotion and Love to God and his Church” manifest today in our midst.  Though we are once again a small congregation, we are walking in faith, looking forward to what God will once again do on the corner of Main and Garrett streets, not for our glory or notoriety, but that God’s amazing grace and mercy might shine out through those multi-colored windows and into the streets.

If you are seeking that same sense of devotion and love and to dedicate yourself once again, I invite you to come and join us each Sunday, Wednesday, and especially on the weekend of September 15-16, when we will celebrate our 170th anniversary.


Mary Kay Glunt



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