Praying for Rain?

Here in Missouri we await the clouds and rain–leftovers from Gustav.  Living in tornado alley, just as living on the Gulf Coast, I am sure, tends to bring complacency when the storm warnings are posted.  When Katrina approached the Coast, many ignored warnings, to their own detriment.  With Gustav’s approach, most heeded the warnings and sought safe shelter.  However, as New Orleans was spared this time, I wonder what their response will be when the next hurricane draws near.

In Sunday school last week we talked about the coming of Christ, seeing the signs around us.  I have to admit, although I try to live my life as if Christ were coming today, with all the “signs” of His coming I have seen in my 50+ years, I sometimes become complacent.   I’m sure even those in the Early Church struggled with this conundrum–the imminence of His coming vs. the necessity to wait yet remain watchful.

We need reminders of how short life can actually be.  When we hear of disasters, of lives lost, of homes and cities in ruins, we pray for those experiencing loss, but our minds eventually return to our own settings, our own things, our own faith.  Instead of just stopping to pray, we need to consider ourselves and our response to things around us.  When we go through the storms of life, rather than just “riding it through,” why not allow the storm to be a teacher, to bring us back to basics, to faith?

So, today I’m praying for rain.  Of course, the fields around here need it, badly.  But that’s not my purpose.  I’m praying that the clouds and storms, both in the sky and in my life, will remind me to watch for Christ’s coming, and to live as if it were today.


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